Ukraine for me is my father's home, mother's eyes, a child's laughter, family's well-being and the land blessed by God.

I went into politics because I wanted to actively influence socially important decisions, and I am used to making my choices consciously. I have understood that the state of public health depends on political decisions in the medical sphere, and health is the most valuable need of each person. I have served people in the medical profession, but now if it is necessary to go into politics in order to save the lives of little patients - I am ready to go into politics!

I choose the Ukraine Development Party because it is a new possibility for team work and a democratic approach; also, I can make a personal contribution into peace-making in my native country.

Life creed (motto): the winner is not the one who finishes in first place, but is the one who does not give up.

Life and career milestones.

I was born in the city of Vinnitsia on October 11, 1980.

After finishing Medical Lyceum No.7, Vinnitsia, based on the results of the interview I entered Vinnitsia National Medical University, named after M.I. Pyrogov, in the medical faculty. In 2003 I learned a trade in 'General Medicine'. In 2003-2005 I had internship training at Nemyriv District Territorial Health Maintenance Organization, majoring in Ophthalmology. At the same time I did a master's degree and obtained the academic level of a Master of Medical Science. From 2004 to 2006 I obtained second higher education at the Vinnitsia Institute of Trade and Economics majoring in 'Public Finances'.

In 2005-2009 I did postgraduate studies.

In 2010 I defended my Ph.D. I investigated hyperhomocisteinemia impact on retinal structures and optic nerves and possibilities of correction.

In 2005 I began my working career at the Department of Social Medicine and Public Health Arrangement of VNMU named after of Pyrogov as an assistant trainee, where I have been working as an assistant professor up to now. I am currently teaching the foundations of public health care arrangement and health insurance, management and marketing in pharmacy, and coordinating international projects under the program "Tempus". I studied the experience of health protection system arrangement abroad (Italy, Latvia, Poland, USA).

Since 2013 I have got II category in 'Health Protection Arrangement and Management'.

Starting from 2003 I worked concurrently as a journalist of Vinnitska Public Television and Radio Broadcasting Company 'Vinnichchina' and was an author and head of the social and medical project 'To Live Tomorrow'; I have experience in information and analytical programs and as a news-reader.

In 2011 I initiated the establishment of Vinnitsia Regional NGO 'Vinnitska Medical Association'.

From 2012 up to now I have been a member of Public Council Board under the Vinnitsia Regional State Administration.

Since 2014 I have been heading the Public Council at Vinnitsia Regional Council.

In 2012-2013 I was an Advisor to the Chairman of Vinnitsia Regional Council.

Achievements. I fulfilled myself in the medical profession, which brings satisfaction and provides an opportunity of lifelong learning and growth. I defended my Ph.D. at the age of thirty. I am an author and TV presenter of social and medical television projects. I initiated a festival 'For your health'.  I am actively engaged in public activity, have the honour to head the NGO 'Vinnitska Medical Association' and the Public Council at Vinnitsia Regional Council.

Hobbies Tourism and extreme leisure activities (rafting, rope-jumping, skiing, etc.)

Plans for the future. I plan to join active participation in implementation of the state policy in public health. I also plan to promote the development of medical self-government in the Vinnitsia Region. I am going to continue the public activity and the implementation of TV and medical projects. I am planning to study the experience of other countries in the development of health protection systems and the improvement of public health.



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