Ukraine for me is a country of endless possibilities with an incredible number of talented and creative people. The uniqueness of Ukraine is that it gives birth to ideas that are worthy of the largest investments in the world. This is especially true for culture, including the projects for historic heritage restoration and contemporary art projects such as Gogolfest, Biruchiy – one of a kind international symposium of artists or well-known ‘Kyiv Modern Ballet’ - the modern choreography theatre. I personally know hundreds of initiatives that are worthy of the maximum attention of the Ukrainian society and the international community. And I will do everything possible for the culture of Ukraine to become open and accessible to everyone.

I went into politics because I seek to make Ukraine a strong, progressive state in which everyone would be able to implement their ideas, dreams and various concepts. Our country has a powerful cluster of cultural workers, artists, activists and volunteers. It is necessary to create a comfortable environment for the realization of all their plans. This is the only way for Ukraine to be heard by the whole world.

I choose the Ukraine Development Party because this is the first in the history of Ukraine’s political force where everyone’s opinion is of paramount importance. This is a team of like-minded, creative and active people connected by common dreams and ideas.

Work on the creation of the Ukraine Development Party is my first experience in politics. Together with my team we are responsible for most advanced direction - communication between the party members and communication with the world. We develop multimedia technologies and create an interactive platform that will unite the supporters of the Ukraine Development Party from every corner of the world. We strive to share information in a 24/7 mode; we want the whole world to see how our political force is developing with the development of our young, strong state. 

I am convinced that only together will we be able to offer qualitative changes in the economy, education, culture, and quickly and effectively bring them to life.

Life creed (motto): The legendary American animator Walt Disney said, ‘If you can dream it, you can do it.’ So it is - should you merely wish for something truly, and imagine the accomplishment of your dreams, soon these aspirations will become the best reality.

Life and career milestones.

I was born 27.09.1984 in Kramatorsk, the Donetsk Region and grew up there. After school I was building my career in the capital of Ukraine. About 10 years were devoted to my work in television; I worked on the development of Ukrainian motion picture arts. In 2012 I obtained an MA in Art Direction at the Institute of Cinema and Television.  

For the last 2.5 years I have been heading the Ukrainian Motion Picture Association, established by the leading film companies to protect the interests of the national cinema business and the development of a modern competitive film industry. I am confident that we have all the resources to prove to the world that high praise is deserved by Ukrainian cinema and its culture in general.

Achievements. I finished school with a gold medal.

Hobbies: yachting, cinema and poetry.

Plans for the future. While creating the Ukraine Development Party, each of us tries to find like-minded people who will make a strong effort for a better future for their country – a free and prosperous Ukraine. I wish that everybody would feel protected, being able to exercise their talents and skills. I aspire for a European standard of life to become common to the citizens of Ukraine. And our foreign partners could join the Ukrainian culture, to see that our country can put competitive pressure on the recognized world leaders by the number of historical and cultural monuments. By choosing this path, I truly believe that I can implement it into practice.



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