Ukraine for me is my native land, the country which has a great economy, natural beauty, and above all, fantastic human potential. We have absolutely everything for the development of our country. But the irony is that we have not learned how to use our national heritage for the benefit of the Ukrainian people. I admire the human industry and warm-heartedness of my people; I see the twinkle in the eyes of the youth and their sincere smiles. Now Ukraine is not only a geographical part of Europe. It has become associated with the European family not long ago. That is why Ukrainians deserve to live in the European way.

I went into politics because I am aware of the responsibility for the future of Ukraine, and I feel it is necessary to use politics as a tool in the achievement of the supreme goal – the development of a united, democratic, legal, European country.

I choose the Ukraine Development Party because its priorities and tasks are close to me: the development of a civil society, reform of the local self-government, decentralization of power and the European choice have been declared in the program and the statutory rules. This is the centrist party, which affirms the ideals of social liberalism. The Ukraine Development Party stated its principles as assistance to the party structure reforming, protection of the interests of the party fellows, its supporters and the Ukrainian society as a whole.

Life creed (motto): to work for people, for the benefit of Vinnitsia land, in the name of Ukraine! It is not only my life motto; it is the style of my life.

Life and career milestones.

08.1978-01.1980 – the volleyball coach in the Youth Sport School № 3 in Vinnitsia.
01.1980-02.1981 – the senior engineer of the regional building group.
02.1981-12.1985 – the department supervisor of the defense activity in the regional party committee.
12.1985 –present days –the chief of the Vinnitsia Regional Fitness and Sport Society “Kolos”.
05.1987-07.1990 – the chief of the Vinnitsia Regional Voluntary Fitness and Sport Trade Union Society.
08.1990-11.1994 – the chief of the Vinnitsia Regional Council of the Cooperative Trade Union Physical Society “Kolos”.
11.1994-07.1997 – the president of the incorporated enterprise “Football club “Niva”, Vinnitsia.
07.1997- 04.1998 – the Deputy in Chief of the Vinnitsia Regional Council.
05.1998-08.1999 – the Deputy Chairman of the Vinnitsia Regional Council in charge of HR department - the head of the Vinnitsia Regional Council Secretariat.
08.1999-06.2001 – the Deputy Head of the executive apparatus of the Vinnitsia Regional Council.
07.2001-02.2005 – the Deputy Chairman of the Vinnitsia Regional Council in charge of political and legal issues
11.2005-05.2006 – member of parliament of the Fourth Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine. The member of the Committee for state building and the local self-government. .
2006-2010 – the president of the Corporation “UkrMostbud”.
11.11. 2010- 21.02 2014 – the Chairman of the Vinnitsia Regional Council.

I have been in public activity for my whole life. In 2002 my public activity achieved the international level, creating Vinnitsia Regional Department of the International Society “Ukraine - Poland”. In 2007 I headed the International Public Organization “Ukraine-Poland- Germany”. In April 2012 Vinnitsia Regional Association of the Local Self-government Body (VRALGB) was created, which I headed. The main achievement was the opening of the Vinnitsia Regional Resource and Informational Society Development Centre “Obschestva Vinnitchyny”, the activity of which was led to activate the participation of the local societies and social organizations of the Vinnitsia Region in different grant schemes.  On February 2, 2012 Vinnichyna and the Republic of Moldova signed the agreement of the creation of Euroregion “Dnister”. Starting from March 2008 I have been the member of European Association of the former members of the parliament of the country-members of the Council of Europe and European Union. Since September 2012 I have been a vice-president of the Ukrainian Association of District and Regional Councils in charge of the local self-government and administrative and territorial establishment. In 2013 I was entitled to represent the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine on behalf of the National Congress of the local self-government body.


Sports, lawn tennis and swimming in particular have played the main role in my life. But the biggest hobby is spending my free time with my grand-daughters.

Plans for the future.

I want to create an effective team in the region, which will work for the benefit of the development of the Vinnitsia territorial society dwellers, and will protect their interests. In the context of the economic development we are planning to implement with our partners from European countries common projects, investment in particular. We are planning to create a modern business-incubator in Vinnitsia according to the model of the European countries, promoting the development of small and medium businesses. My task as a politician and a public figure is to promote the completeness of the decentralisation of power and local self-government reform. I have a reliable team of partners and opinion allies, and that is why all the above mentioned will be successfully achieved.



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