For me Ukraine is the motherland, the history of my parents and the future of my children. It is the picturesque landscapes from the Carpathian Mountains to Crimea. Ukraine is a unique culture and melodious language. This is the land where I was born. This is a native, united, traditional and historic land.  Ukraine is a rich, powerful and independent country.

I went into politics because the future of Ukraine is important to me. I am concerned about human values, decency, honesty, mutual assistance and understanding. I cannot stand aside while watching these events which occur in our country. I wish to make Ukraine a firm and strong country, to achieve results when every Ukrainian is heard.

I choose the Ukraine Development Party, because this is the party which is able to unite the Ukrainian society. Our party affirms the principles that a country is for its people and not people for the country. The Ukrainian Development Party is aimed at creating a society in which every person and every local community or social group is provided with the rights and needs in a tight fit. We support the guarantees of private property as the basement of self-fulfillment, the freedom of entrepreneurial business, and the provision of the free choice of professions and activities. The Ukrainian Development Party is the party of equal opportunities.

Life creed (motto):  to live in order not to be ashamed to look people in the eyes; to see the opportunity to solve every problem; to move to my dream patiently and persistently.

Life and career milestones.

I was born on November 19, 1981 in Lviv.

1999-2004 – a student of Lviv National University “Lviv Polytechnic University”

2005-2010 – the deputy director of  LLC “Pharmaton”.

2010-2012 – private entrepreneur Tuisov O.V.

2013-2014 – the deputy chairman of Pustomytiv District State Administration, the Lviv Region.

Experience in election campaigns: 

2010 – elections to Lviv Municipal Council, an authorised person of parliamentary candidate.

2012 – parliamentary elections to the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, the parliamentary candidate in single member electoral district № 115.

2013 – elections to Lviv Regional Council, parliamentary candidate. 

Education - University Degree in “Computer-Aided Management”, “Finance and credit”.

Marital Status: married, has a daughter

Hobbies: Sport, travelling, cars, singing.

Plans for the future: in my work I wish:

1. To organize cooperation with community organizations, engaging the party with representatives of civil society institutions.
2. To promote the civil position in the formation and implementation of the government’s policy and development of local self-government in every way.
3. To engage public opinion leaders and qualified specialists to work.
4. To cooperate with international and humanitarian organizations extensively.
5. To encourage charity work in the essential fields of public life.

I consider it necessary to provide:

1. An effective struggle against corruption at all levels of power.
2. Reinforcement of the role of self-government in the districts of Ukraine.
3. Transparency and quality of the housing and utility sector and validity of the fee for the service.
4. Qualified development of the Road and Traffic infrastructure.
5. Respectable wages to Education and Science workers, as well as Social and Medical workers.
6. The creation of new work places for all social layers and provision of the first work place for young specialists.
7. An intensification of the attention to the physical and cultural development of children and youth with participation from famous cultural people and sport celebrities.
8. The development of the national culture and traditions.
9. Transparent consideration of land issues.



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