Юлія Ковалевська: Партія Розвитку України вимагає оприлюднити текст Закону "Про очищення влади"

Партія Розвитку України вимагає оприлюднити текст Закону "Про очищення влади", (про так звану люстрацію), який було прийнято 16 вересня. Про це заявила член правління МГО "Тріумвірат" Юлія Ковалевська.

Oleksandr Kachny: Ukraine needs real reforms and peace negotiations

On Thursday, September 18, in Kyiv was held the "Unification for the peaceful future of Ukraine: Peace, Stability, Revival" round table with the participation of the "opposition bloc" new political party leaders, of public organizations of the Kyiv Region, deputies of all levels.

Volodymyr Klyus: Renewal cannot be started with repressions and violations

The Verkhovna Rada adopted a law on the so-called lustration. The adoption of this solution is constantly postponed "for tomorrow". The public required the realization of lustration during the protests last winter in 2013-2014, and there are no doubts that many persons should be ousted from power for specific acts of corruption, bribery and abuse of office.

Volodymyr Klyus: "War will write off" is the main principle of the Government

Volodymyr Klyus, a member of the Political Council of the Ukraine Development Party, Chairman of the Ivano-Frankivsk Regional Party Organization, is convinced that the "Ukrainian society is divided today not by region, language, ideology or party identification. The country has fallen into a deep abyss.

Mykola Skoryk: President forms new "family" in government

"Forming a list of candidates from the president's party has shown that the current government is different from the previous one only by the fact that there was no war," said Mykola Skoryk, one of the "opposition bloc" initiators, First Deputy Chairman of the National Committee of the Ukraine Development Party.



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