Mykola Skoryk: Poroshenko automatically signs his own death warrant withlaw "On purification of government"

17 September 2014 19:59

The latest lustration, based on dubious legal force, will put away the political elite, including the current leaders of the country.

Mykola Skoryk, the ex-governor of Odessa Region, the first deputy head of the National Committee of the Ukraine Development Party and one of the leaders of the "opposition bloc"  is convinced in this.

The law "On the Purification of the Government is the latest instruction on the deception of Ukrainians. They try again to cheat us and to clip our rights.  The people are the highest source of power in any democratic and legal country. But a small group of people's deputies decided that they are wiser than the rest, and with the help of so-called law on vetting of corrupt officials, in particular, they stole the choice of Ukrainians to decide whom to choose in the supreme legislative body of the country. They deceived people, because on those who initiated the draft law and took it, we can't put the mark.  What kind of purification are we talking about? It is clear that corrupt officials and persons involved in criminal cases should not be in leading positions.  But if the Yanukovych presidency is a criminal period, then the current Guarantor of the Constitution will have a hard time.  With the signing of Law "On the Purification of the Government," Poroshenko automatically signs his own death warrant, and simultaneously Lutsenko and Yatsenyuk.  These people, if anyone has forgotten, worked in the Yanukovych Cabinet," recalled Mykola Skoryk. 

The politician which represents the "opposition bloc" underlined that he isn't afraid of any legal investigation of his activities during the working period as the head of the Odessa Regional State Administration and called the Law "On the Purification of the Government" in its current form a mistake requiring immediate cancellation.



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