Mykola Skoryk: President forms new "family" in government

15 September 2014 15:03

"Forming a list of candidates from the president's party has shown that the current government is different from the previous one only by the fact that there was no war," said Mykola Skoryk, one of the "opposition bloc" initiators, First Deputy Chairman of the National Committee of the Ukraine Development Party.

He recalled that Petro Poroshenko in Maidan promised new methods in politics.

"When the head of state creates a list of candidates, and its main speakers get to know their place in the list only at the party congress, what kind of transparency and democracy are we talking about?  What are these new methods?  Or maybe it’s something new that the president's son was nominated by the Poroshenko party on majority district of Vinnytsia Region, which for a long time has been under Poroshenko family power?" said the politician.

"It's meticulously similar to the not-forgotten approaches of the former regime. But then, in the that country there was no war, nor lost territories, nor daily price increases, nor frozen salaries and pensions," concluded Mykola Skoryk.



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