Mykola Voitenko: We will not leave unattended eastern Ukraine residents suffering from war conflict

05 September 2014 16:36

As a part of the 'Children of Undeclared War' social project of the Development Party, Mykola Voitenko, Chairman of the Executive Committee of the political force in the Sumy land, met with a family of the internally displaced persons from the Luhansk Region and handed the necessary school supplies and medicines.

"The war in the East of Ukraine has deprived thousands of people of the opportunity to live peacefully; it has crippled many human hearts and destroyed many localities.  We, as one people, cannot stand apart:  we are transporting humanitarian aid to the ATO zone.  By the way, we have already delivered about 17 tons, and we provide free legal advice and today we have done not a large, but a very necessary thing: we have helped with school supplies," commented the politician.

According to him, unfortunately, the situation in Eastern Ukraine continues to escalate.  The number of refugees grows every day.  Thus, according to the official information, over 3 thousand Ukrainians have already arrived to the Sumy Region, of which 1,050 children crossed the threshold of local educational institutions on the first of September. But once having left the combat zone, people are faced with new challenges, including not only housing, but also provision of children with school supplies.

"That's why the Sumy Regional Organization of the Ukraine Development Party will continue to support and provide assistance to people who suffered from the undeclared war," emphasized Mykola Voitenko.



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