Oleksandr Kachny: Ukraine needs real reforms and peace negotiations

19 September 2014 14:28

On Thursday, September 18, in Kyiv was held the "Unification for the peaceful future of Ukraine: Peace, Stability, Revival" round table with the participation of the "opposition bloc" new political party leaders, of public organizations of the Kyiv Region, deputies of all levels. One of the main topics of discussion was the authority crisis, the deterioration of the socio-economic and political situation in the country and, as a consequence, a humanitarian catastrophe. So politically active and people concerned about the fate of their own country came together to discuss exit strategies for the situation Ukraine is in now. 

"Responsible political forces and concerned citizens are uniting for peace and revival of the country in a situation of the full-scale crisis of our public organization. The government lost trust in all regions; however, Ukraine needs a pro-Ukrainian opposition against the war and for economic development," with these words began the round table Oleksandr Kachny, the deputy of the Kyiv Regional Council, Chairman of the Kyiv Regional Organization of the Ukraine Development Party, which became a part of "opposition bloc".

"Vadym Rabynovych, one of the leaders of the pro-Ukrainian oppositional political force said that now the country needs two things: to stop the war, which destroyed half of the country and killed thousands of people, to punish those who started it, and immediately dismiss the government of the country.

"The political forces in six months have not been able to start reforms, but are rather trying at the expense of ordinary citizens to solve the economic problems in the country; they cannot be in power.  Cancellation of social benefits, reduction of wages, wholesale redundancy of public sector employees - it's not the optimal mechanism for economic recovery," said Oleksandr Kachny.  

Experts assure us that there are enough mechanisms to get things moving.  In particular, we are talking about the extraction of almost 40% of the economy from the shadow, the promotion of agriculture, which will increase the number of products that Ukraine produces, and tax exemptions for small and medium business for two years and all fiscal audits.

The round table participants came to the conclusion that changes for the better can only be achieved through reforms and peace negotiations.  Ukraine should become a bridge between Europe and Russia, and should not build a fence on its own territory.




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