Oleksandr Kachny: Lustration law is PR for politicians

19 September 2014 14:40

This was highlighted by Oleksandr Kachny, Chairman of the Kyiv Regional Organization of the Ukraine Development Party.

"The law on lustration adopted in the first reading is just PR for politicians. They should ask people:  what do you want? And people do not want the situation that was before. Today we can lustrate all: officials, politicians, security officials, doctors, taxman... This list can be continued, but let us cool the hot heads and be reasonable and prudent," urged Oleksandr Kachny.

He underlined that we need not lustration, but we must change the system and laws that allow officials to commit acts of corruption.

"There is nothing more to invent, everyone should start with yourself.  Today the lustration commission will determine whether we may confirm this or that leader in position, who need this lustration, we guess.  But we must remember that such lustration can break people's lives and can harm the state," concluded the politician.



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