Ukraine Development Party will not take part in early parliamentary elections

21 September 2014 09:52

The Ukraine Development Party will not take part in the early parliamentary elections. The Political Council of the party made this decision at its meeting. In particular, among the main reasons are:

- the appointment of the elections in the conditions of warfare in Eastern Ukraine violates standards of democratic elections;

- millions of voters will be deprived of the right to take part in in voting expression;

- new political forces have been actually excluded from the equal competition with the old parties, which in fact had already discredited themselves, in the conditions of a fast-moving closed-list election campaign and the competition of "wallets", rather than ideas in single-member electoral districts;

- the appointed elections under such conditions and circumstances, by definition, cannot lead to purification or to the real renewal of the Parliament.

However, the Ukraine Development Party members can take part in the early elections inan acceptable way for them providing the suspension of membership in the party during the election campaign, - it is published in the decision of the Political Council.



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