Ukraine Development Party representatives of Lviv region met with observers from International organization of OSCE

10 September 2014 19:10

Events in Ukraine are under the watchful attention of the world-wide community.  Much less, this entails early parliamentary elections and participating in a number of new political forces.  The Special Monitoring Mission from the international organization of the OSCE has been working in Ukraine during the last few months.  Representatives of this organization met with the Lviv Regional Party Organization management of the Ukraine Development Party and discussed the issues of security and cooperation in Europe and the participation of the political force in the parliamentary elections.

The observers of the Special Monitoring Mission in Ukraine, Patrick Hoffman and Taina Järvinen, and Oleksandr Tuisov, a member of the Political Council of the Ukraine Development Party, Mykhailo Herman, the Head of the Lviv Regional Party Organization, Nina Verbova, the deputy head, and Oleg Kizima, the Chairman of the Executive Committee were present at the meeting.    

During the meeting the parties discussed the issues of security and cooperation in Europe, and a number of issues concerning the election holding in Ukraine.    

Finally observers of the Special Monitoring Mission in Ukraine noted that soon in Ukraine, during the holding of the election, the short-term OSCE mission will be working and expressed a hope for openness in all future work. 



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