Serhii Larin: UN peacemakers should be brought to Donbas

28 August 2014 14:14

"Contrary to his own election commitments President Poroshenko has failed to ensure peace in Ukraine. Just by guaranteeing the termination of the bloodshed horror and civil confrontation at the election of May 25 he enlisted the support of more than 50% of voters, including residents of the southern and eastern regions, of those who consistently advocated a peaceful solution to the conflict in Donbas.  However, playing the hurrah-patriotic card brought the situation to a standstill," stated Serhii Larin, Chairman of the Political Council of the Ukraine Development Party.

He stressed that the opposition in the Donetsk and Luhansk Regions developed into a full-scale war with thousands of casualties and the destruction of the economy of the largest regions.

"Poroshenko has failed to conduct successful negotiations in the international arena and to provide a real dialogue within the country.  As a result, we are faced with the threat of a full-scale external invasion, before which the government demonstrates a complete inability to act.  The situation of 'neither war nor peace' cannot continue anymore," underlined the politician.

"We require urgently convening a session of the Vrkhovna Rada with the participation of local governments' representatives to make decisions that will provide protection against external aggression and will help adopt the National Reconciliation Plan. This plan should include, in particular, both a long-promised reform of local self-government with the introduction of the elective governors, providing of a much larger rights to the territories and granting an official status to the Russian language at the regional level, and guarantees the public hearing of all regions in the development of foreign and domestic policy," declared Serhii Larin.

In his view, the Vrkhovna Rada should also appeal to the international community calling to bring the UN peacekeeping troops and police forces to Donbas to prevent the armed conflict and ensuring effective control of the Ukrainian-Russian border.

"The crisis in Ukraine threatens Europe and the world with the gravest consequences.  The Ukrainian government cannot cope with it.  It's time to include other forces in the struggle for peace and the preservation of Ukraine," pointed out the Chairman of the Political Council of the Ukraine Development Party.

"In these tragic circumstances we consider the early parliamentary elections to be a dangerous gamble.  To organize a battle for power when there is a battle for survival and unity of the country is an irresponsible decision.  But if the President has taken this plunge and initiated the establishment of the "coalition of war" under his name, we call on all opposition forces to unite in a COALITION OF PEACE.  Together we have to become spokesmen of the spirit of those citizens of Ukraine who are against the bloodshed and further destabilization, who see the corruption and incompetence of the authorities that are written off to war, leading to the shutdown of thousands of businesses and impoverishment of the people," concluded Serhii Larin.



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