Sumy region continues to provide assistance for Eastern Ukraine residents

04 September 2014 12:18

As part of "Children of the undeclared war" social project the Sumy Development Team volunteers are bringing into Sloviansk about 3 tons of humanitarian aid, which has been gathered with the active support of Sumy concerned residents.

At this time, volunteers carry extended storage period food into war-torn Donbas, basically - vegetables.

"We thank every resident of the Sumy Region, who joined this charity.  Our countrymen have already done so much to those Ukrainians who remained in the war zone and suffered losses.  This again confirms that we are one country, one people and are ready to support each other in difficult times," said the Head of Sumy Regional Branch of the Ukraine Development Party.

As a reminder of the "Children of the undeclared war" social project, the Sumy Regional Organization of the Ukraine Development Party with the support of Sumy Region residents submitted to Eastern Ukraine about 14 tons of humanitarian aid.

More than 60 tons of humanitarian aid were collected and delivered to the towns and villages of Donbass by the Ukraine Development Party.



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