Volodymyr Klyus: Renewal cannot be started with repressions and violations

18 September 2014 16:42

The Verkhovna Rada adopted a law on the so-called lustration.  The adoption of this solution is constantly postponed "for tomorrow". The public required the realization of lustration during the protests last winter in 2013-2014, and there are no doubts that many persons should be ousted from power for specific acts of corruption, bribery and abuse of office.

"But we absolutely do not perceive such an approach for people who formally held a position of power in a given period, during one or another period of the presidency," said Volodymyr Klyus, a member of the Political Council of the Ukraine Development Party, Chairman of the Ivano-Frankivsk Regional Party Organization.

He is convinced that "this is not a democratic practice and is the practice of totalitarian regimes."

 Since the Orange Revolution of 2004, at the order of then-President Viktor Yushchenko, from the state authorities were forcibly dismissed 25,000 workers that "disgraced" themselves with qualitative and hard work for the benefit of the Ukrainian state.  This led to the fact that the state management machine just stopped, and the country was plunged into a deep management crisis, which had an irreversible character.  Today they want to dismiss one million people.

"We understand that Ukraine requires a renewal, and we have repeatedly spoken for the peace restoration and the revival of the Ukrainian economy.  We have joined all constructive political forces for opposition to the new authority of radicals leading our country to split and collapse.   But renewal cannot be started with repressions and violations A society based on discrimination and intimidation will not give a positive result and will only worsen the situation," said the politician.

"At the same time when there are discussions on the theme of reconciliation and loyalty, unification of the country in civil society, politicians take actions leading to the opposite:  to hatred, to persecution, and to suppression," concluded Volodymyr Klyus.



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