Yuri Pavlenko: State neglects constitutional obligation to orphaned children

17 September 2014 15:27

As a part of the "Children of the undeclared war" project, the Ukraine Development Party has monitored the decisions of the central executive authorities relating with protection of the rights and interests of children evacuated from the eastern regions of Ukraine.

"The monitoring results indicate that all specific solutions for the social protection of orphaned children and children deprived of parental care, who were evacuated from the cities occupied by terrorists, have not been accepted. The Government and the central executive authorities, that have competence for the protection of children's rights (especially the Ministry of Social Policy of Ukraine), were not prepared for today challenges, determined by the war and associated with the movement of children," said Yuri Pavlenko, a member of the Political Council of the Ukraine Development Party.

According to him, first of all, we don't know how many orphaned children and children deprived of parental care have left these regions and exactly where they are:  in other regions of Ukraine, in other places within their region or in general - outside Ukraine, for example, in the Russian Federation.

"The offices of Children's Services have not kept the register of these children at their new place of residence; the state bodies and local self-government don't give services for the protection of their rights and interests," said the politician.

"This will lead to the fact that the state budget for next year will not provide funds for the maintenance of orphaned children who were evacuated from the combat zone.  There’sthe worst situation with the financing needs of the Ukrainian children who temporarily have left to the Russian Federation.  The funding mechanism for such children does not exist. The Ministry of Social Policy and the Ministry of Finance have not worked on its development. Some children have simply dropped off the grid by state employees.  For the first time during their years of independence, Ukraine is on the edge of the collapse of the children's rights protection system," said Yuri Pavlenko.

He also noted that according to Article 52 of the Constitution of Ukraine, the state is responsible for the maintenance and education of orphaned children and children deprived of parental care.

"Today, the state does not carry out in full their constitutional obligation in regard to orphaned children and children deprived of parental care from Luhansk and Donetsk Regions," concluded Yuri Pavlenko.



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